A young refugee stays by the side of a wounded dog until help arrives

He has been a refugee in Kilis (Turkey) since he fled his native Syria. But that's not why this boy is so much talked about: he has recently shown an uncommon compassion for a stray dog, hit by a car.

At the height of his 8 years, he alone represents the best of humanity. Yes, really, without exaggerating. Hüseyin el-Hasan lived through the war: before landing in Turkey, he lived in Syria. A reality that has hardened him, certainly, but that has not taken away from him the beauty and immensity of his child's heart. Witness of a road accident, he saw a homeless dog being run over before his eyes. He then had a reaction full of good sense and goodness : he hurried to get a blanket to protect the poor animal.

Then he went to his side, refusing to leave him alone

Facebook - Anadolu Ajansı

He could do nothing to alleviate the suffering of the doggie. He nevertheless brought a little warmth and warmth . He also called for help.

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The child was rewarded by the mayor of the city

Volunteers ended up intervening then relieving the boy of his duty . They retrieved the dog to take him to the vet. But the animal is died of its wounds shortly after its arrival, tells the site Anadolu Ajansi .

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A terrible news that has Broke the heart to young Hüseyin. Despite everything, his efforts to keep the dog alive have not been in vain. By doing his best and giving so generously of his, he touched many people... including the mayor of the town in which he is greeted. The latter has also moved in person to thank him for what he had done for the animal... and offered him new covers.

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