A young man surprised by his mother raping his dog

In Mouscron, Belgium, a 20-year-old man was surprised by his mother sodomising his dog. He appeared on Tuesday in the Tournai Criminal Court.

This is a very sordid case that Judge M'Benza had to face on Tuesday at the Criminal Court of Tournai. He himself admits it: "I have never seen such an affair in my career, and I never thought I would have to live such an experience."

This case is that of a young man of 20 years, surprised by his mother in the family home raping her dog. It was October 24th. As she heard the dog screaming in pain, she went to the kitchen where she saw her son half-naked and kneeling, sodomizing the animal. The accused had used dishwashing liquid as a lubricant

He was under the influence of drugs and alcohol

The mother did not hesitate to report the facts: concerned for the safety of her other children, younger, she suspects her son of not being on his first try : a plausible hypothesis in view of the irritations presented by the animal.

Before the judge, the young man does not seem not really remember the scene. Admitting that "these facts are disgusting," he claims to have been "under the influence of drugs and alcohol" at the time of the facts. " I do not understand why I did that. I do not know how to explain it. I just knew that I had been drinking and that I had taken drugs, "he said at the helm.

Because it could" represent a certain danger to society ยป, The defendant will need a psychological and psychiatric expertise. The judgment will be pronounced on April 4.

Remember, moreover, that zoophilia is prohibited in Belgium (since 2007), but it is not explicitly prohibited in the legislation of other European countries such as Romania and Hungary. and Finland. In France, although the law considers bestiality as an act of cruelty towards the animal (punishable by 2 years of imprisonment and a 30,000 euro fine), pet owners have indicated their desire to see these hardened sanctions.

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