A young man risks his life to save a dog he does not know (Video)

It can not be repeated enough how important it is to be extra vigilant when you walk your dog near dangerous places, like cliffs or lakes and frozen rivers. For all of them are unfortunately not as lucky as this dog, rescued in time by a brave young man.

It is in Russia, not far from Moscow, that these images were filmed. "It was around 5 pm on Monday, I drove past a pond in the village of Shishkin, when I met three people whose car was down, and while I was talking to them, I saw someone 'Adventuring on the ice and screaming.' This person was not a human but a dog. And it is one of the three arrested men who flew to his aid, tells the site kp.ru Podolsk Dvorenkov Ilya, who published the video of the impressive rescue on Youtube.

The 21-year-old, Vanya, undressed and threw herself into the frozen lake and then fisted with her fists and elbowed a swim to the terrified animal .

The young man dreamed of serving in the army but heart weakness prevented him. It seems that he has finally found another way to become a hero. After bringing the dog back to dry land, he named it Rex, bought him some delicious sausages, and decided to adopt it!