A woman turns her apartment into a shelter for sick cats

Maria Torero's vocation is to come to help the others . This 45-year-old Peruvian woman did her job, becoming a nurse in Lima. But his great heart and limitless empathy could not be satisfied. And so gradually, his apartment has also transformed into hospital... for cats !

So there are hundreds of felines - 175 at the last census - who live with her in the 8 rooms of her home. All are seriously ill, suffering from leukemia, and neglected by prospective adopters of the city. Maria Torero offers them a refuge where live peacefully despite illness.

"My duty is with cats that nobody cares"

Maria Torero has been in charge for over 5 years thus sick cats. And regularly, people ask her why she does not care for healthy cats, which would have a chance to be adopted. " I'm a nurse ," she answers simply, aware that if she does not take care of these felines, no one will.

Feline viral leukemia (FeLV, or still feline leukemia) is an infamous fatal virus in cats. With a deficiency of the immune system and infections, the virus spreads to other felines, but not to other animal species. Maria Torero retrieves the cats from the streets and takes them to a veterinarian for testing. If they are sick, which is the case of a large number of stray cats, she keeps them and takes care of them.

A generosity without limit

Sterilized, vaccinated and treated, cats are treated like kings at Maria Torero, and even if many do not hesitate to show him their gratitude, some keep a very wild character and each care is a new challenge. The Peruvian calls them all by their first name, despite their large numbers, and although she knows the fate of each of the animals she deals with, each departure of one of its boarders saddens despite everything

Maria Torero is not rich , yet she does her best for the comfort of her cats. In her apartment, the smell of urine is ubiquitous despite the large number of litter boxes and the use of deodorant (thankfully, Maria says she has not received any complaints from neighbors yet). The money she spends for the care of her cats comes in part from her work, but also donations from other animal friends who want to support her in this beautiful rescue mission.