A woman feeds stray cats from Istanbul to help them survive the winter

In recent days, a volunteer from the Kartal coast (Turkey) has been talking more and more about her. And for good reason, with others, she has given herself the mission to provide for abandoned cats while winter is raging...

She loves cats and her role with them is very important. Every day, Vera, a volunteer in Istanbul, takes care of feeding a small colony of no less than 350 wandering individuals. A gesture that, although anodine, is saving them.

With the winter, the cold and the snow quickly appeared. As a result, tomcats had a much harder time finding their food alone. It is therefore accompanied by other volunteers that the young woman travels every day more than 8 kilometers of coast to bring love and victuals to the hairballs, neglected by the rest of the world.

Moreover, in addition To save the cats from famine, Vera and her group, who share Facebook all their actions, also take care of veterinary care to each of their little protégés. Last year, 167 felines from the colony were effectively castrated.