A wandering cat saves her from depression and becomes her best friend

By feeding this pretty hairball, this surfer did not expect that such a link is created between them. It was 5 years ago and since then both of them are the best friends of the world.

Bossy and his master have saved each other and that is certainly why the bond that unites them is so powerful . Five years ago, this American receives the visit of a small tortoiseshell cat predominantly black in his garden. She is visibly hungry and does not seem aggressive, just a little shy. But hunger pushes her to get closer and closer to humans. He decides to help him and gives him a bowl of food. She devours him in one go but rather than run away, she turns from her savior to feel it and licks her hand as if to thank him.

A hug that has changed everything

The man goes home he and he leaves his door open. After a few minutes, the cat returns in its turn and goes without hesitation towards. She joins him on his couch, leans against him, takes his arm in his paws and falls asleep purring. Thus was born the beautiful story of friendship between Bossy and his new best friend that she has not left since.

And after 5 years, she continues to cover him with hug, grabbing his hand or his arm as soon as she has the opportunity. For his part, he never misses a chance to return his affection, especially since their time together is counted . A visit to the veterinarian revealed that Bossy had AIDS of the cat. She is, however, at the moment very fit.

A saving encounter

While the user who shares his story about Imgur felt that she needed help, she also helped by his presence and his tenderness. " She saved me from depression by being by my side when I was alone, kisses on my forehead when I went wrong. I offered him a home, food, a lot of love and all the scratching of cans that a cat can hope for, "he wrote.

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