A visually impaired woman gets her dog stolen in the middle of Paris

Some people really have no qualms: a visually impaired woman was stolen from her dog guide last Sunday in the heart of Paris. Fortunately, the animal was quickly found...

Sunday night, around 21h, a blind woman living on rue de Rivoli, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, leaves his dog for a moment in the lobby of his building, the time of go back to his apartment. But when she goes down again, only a few minutes later, her black Labrador has disappeared . The door of the building being closed, the dog could not go out alone. The Parisian then goes to the police station to file a complaint

The guide dog, stolen by a homeless

The next day, the police interview a witness and then go on the spot, rue de Rivoli. This is where they call a homeless man, aged 50, accompanied by a black Labrador corresponding to the report. The animal carries a medal on which the coordinates of his mistress are registered... No doubt: it is the wanted dog .

Taken on the fait accompli by the police, the SDF stumbles some wacky explanations before being placed in custody at the police station of the 1st district. The dog, meanwhile, was able to find his mistress

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