A US city limits the number of cats per resident

In Dudley in the state of massachusetts in the USA, it is now forbidden to own more than 3 cats without a special license.

In this city which is a hundred kilometers from Boston, the decision made a lot of noise. It all started with a simple neighborhood quarrel: Mary Ellen Richards has 15 cats , and that does not please her neighbors.

They complain about degradations in their garden, the presence of droppings, or even the mere presence of cats on their property.

"They smell bad, they come to their needs in our garden, they bring back birds and dead mice on our lawn. I'm afraid to let my kids out, "says Mary Ellen's neighbor.

So the locals voted a bylaw that limits the number of cats per household to 3 unless they have one. license amounting to 50 $ (33 €) per year and per additional animal

Mary Ellen preferred her animals to her life in Dudley because of this disappointing decision. She has put his house up for sale and is looking for a city in which one will accept his limitless love for cats.

This decree is not so surprising because in Dudley, we have already limited number of dogs per inhabitants. A city that does not seem to appreciate pets... And you, do you find this decision wise or unfair ?