A two-headed kitten was born in the United States

A two-headed cat was born on June 6 in the state of Oregon in the USA A very rare phenomenon worthy of the myths of antiquity

When the children announced to their mother that they had found a " > kitten with two heads ", this one obviously did not believe it." You are tired, you are crazy, it does not happen "she answered them. Yet the truth comes out of the mouths of children, and Stephanie Durkee had indeed become the happy owner of a kitten unusual.

When the myth becomes reality

Duecy - that's his name - is bel is born with two mouths, two noses and four eyes, a very rare malformation called " Janus ", in reference to the mythological two-faced god. that the animals "Janus" does not survive Not long ago, however, a veterinary examination revealed that Duecy was in good health , which leaves him with hope.

In 2011, another two-headed cat named Frankenlouis reached 12 years old, thus entering the Book of Records . Little Duecy is already attracting curiosity from around the world.

Duecy, the two-headed kitten