A tourist collects thousands of dollars to save and adopt a stray dog ​​

From a trip to Greece, an Australian had a heart stroke for a wandering dog. He then launched a crowdfunding campaign seeking the help of Internet users to facilitate his repatriation and adoption.

When he crossed his path on a Corfu road, she lay deserted on a pile of broken glass. Touched, Jacob Welsh then decided to put everything in place to save her. It is on Facebook that the young Australian explains indeed to have been moved by the bitch - that he baptized Chance - to the point of not having respected the clause of its hiring saying that the animals were not tolerated within the flat where he resided. It must be said that after a first exchange of caresses, biped and quadruped quickly became inseparable...

But knowing that bring a foreign animal on Australian soil is something very complicated, he first tried to him find a home on the spot. In vain

Jacob Welsh

As his journey was coming to an end, he did not see himself as capable of letting her wander the Greek streets again. He then appealed to the solidarity of Internet users by opening a online prize pool . The purpose of this last? Collect 3000 US Dollars (approximately 2690 Euros) in two days to fund Passport, Identification, Vaccines, Pest Control, Transport Fund, Air Ticket, Quarantine Period and other expenses to offer Chance a chance to know one day the love of a sweet Australian household.

And it is with undisguised joy that the young man was able to thank the Net surfers on the social networks: thanks to them, he harvested well more money than expected

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