A third cani-citizenship event to give dogs their place in the city!

They make the happiness of their owners, they are companions of life, faithful friends of the children and improve the condition of seniors (according to a scientific Scottish study), nevertheless, the dogs are always badly received in town.

Their excrement and the damage they can cause is often the reason, however thanks to the My Dog, My City mission and its partners, things could change...

A demonstration to improve the status of dogs in town

For the tr For the third year in a row, the cani-citizenship event, organized by the OKA committee, will take place on 20 September. The goal? To make "that a city without a dog is a city without soul" and thus claim a better city life for our four-legged friends.

The agenda will therefore be to challenge the public opinion and elected officials about the importance of the dog in the city, but also to educate teachers about their homework. Because, less feces means more freedom for our canines!

On the site of "My dog ​​my city", the 10 commandments of the urban master are dictated:
1) Never by caprice or to please, a dog you will not
2) Know that for at least 10 years, he will accompany you
3) Feed him properly and water him, always you will think
4) Immunize him, heal him and to assure also it will be necessary
5) To educate it and to promote its sociability, you will not neglect
6) To walk it sufficiently, always you will have
7) To play with him, to make him happy, you will
8) To avoid any incident, on a leash you will walk
9) The cleanliness of the streets you will respect and smile you will keep
10) For the holidays, your dog you will not forget

The conclusion is very simple and full of common sense: "By applying these principles think that your dog will be loving and sociable, so it will be better accepted by your fellow citizens."

Barcelona, a model to copy!

In Barcelona for example, the place of dogs in the city is a real model for us, French. Indeed, with our Spanish friends, the metro is allowed to all dogs since 1 October 2014. In addition, 120 areas are dedicated to dogs , Park and public spaces most enjoyable of the city welcome with pleasure the balls of hair

Take part in the event!

So that your city becomes one day a pleasant place for your dog, only one thing to do: to participate in the demonstration cani-citizen! Rendez-vous on September 20th at 2.30pm at the Rotonde de la Villette for a walk with dog!

With your companion on a leash, you will walk on the ground of the capital accompanied by good other animal lovers. The walk will end on Buttes-Chaumont, one of the few parks in Paris allowed to dogs.

Feel free to sign the petition Vive dogs in town to support the mission My dog ​​my city and its desire to give our dog friends the place they deserve in an urban environment

Hoping to see you there!