A teenager graduates with the dog who has saved his life for years

For many years, Tyler McCready has been experiencing the most beautiful stories with her dog Sinatra. It is therefore natural that he decided to participate in his graduation, and the least we can say is that the duo shock did not go unnoticed!

Tyler McCready is a young boy from Arkansas who has type 1 diabetes . He must therefore monitor his blood sugar level on a daily basis. Unfortunately, one day young Tyler fell into a coma. A real shock for her parents who decide then that it is time to give their son a little help by adopting a service dog specially trained to detect any dangerous change in the blood sugar level.

"Sinatra m 'alert when my blood sugar becomes worrying,' says Tyler while adding that the animal has already repeatedly saved her life .

Tyler and Sinatra after graduation

An Inseparable Duo

Tyler was depressed and very isolated before Sinatra joined him and lived a real rebirth when his four-legged companion entered his life. Quickly, Tyler and Sinatra become inseparable and share everything. In order to watch over his little master, the dog follows him to school where the duo becomes very popular. So much so that Sinatra even has the honors of the famous yearbook where he poses proudly next to his master!

A graduation ceremony that has the dog

Even better, when Tyler is officially graduated from high school, it is in the company of his dog that he attends the graduation! It is dressed in a toga at its waist (and granted to that of his master) that Sinatra proudly accompanied Tyler on the platform when his name was called to recover his diploma . "It was exceptional," says Tyler. "I had the most sustained applause when I was not very popular until Sinatra arrived.

And Tyler concludes that his relationship with his dog is something exceptional that is difficult to understand until you experience it.

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