A team of policemen saves a terrified dog on the edge of the void

July 4th is a national holiday in the United States. To celebrate the independence of the country, Americans do not hesitate to organize beautiful fireworks. Unfortunately, these, as well as firecrackers and other festivities, can easily scare dogs .

Thus a German Shepherd dog found itself stuck on a bridge, at the edge of the void . And without the help of nearby police officers, the frightened dog would have known an untimely end.


Two traffic police officers noticed the presence of the dog on a highway lane passing over them . "One of the officers looked up and saw that there was a dog looking up from there," said Wichita Town Police spokesman Daniel East, where the events took place.

Without waiting, the officers reached the bridge to approach the dog, while another pair of police officers joined them to assist them. And no help was too much ! While one officer held the dog by the neck, another stepped over the safety wall to carry the dog and make it back on the right side of the road. Their colleagues were responsible for keeping the two men from falling either. Because the fall, at this height, could be fatal.

A very fearful young dog

Unfortunately for the brave policemen, the dog, apparently still young, quickly escaped their grip . Frightened, he began to run on the bridge in the middle of the road, again risking his life and that of users. " The officers stopped traffic and were finally able to capture the dog again," said Daniel East.

While one of the officers taking care of the rescue proposed take the dog home for the night , another published a picture of the animal on a site of famous classified ads in the United States, as well as on social networks. The picture became viral , and the next day the owner of the dog was fortunately able to be found and met with his dear dog.