A staggering campaign shows the boundless loyalty of dogs

In recent days, on the channels of the Argentine public service, is broadcast a heartbreaking awareness campaign for organ donation, starring the loyalty of our best friend on all fours.

These very moving images tell the story of an old man and his faithful dog, two inseparable friends. Every day, the animal, an Akita Inu like the famous Hachiko, accompanies him wherever he goes, and watches over him at every moment.

But one night, the man is a victim of discomfort. He is rushed to the hospital.

The emergency doors close on the dog waiting patiently for hours, ignoring the fact that he will not see him again. But when a young woman comes out of the wheelchair hospital, the animal rushes to her , seeming to know that her master, an organ donor, has saved her life.

dog loyalty to their humans knows no bounds. It persists even after death and many stories like that of Hachiko and his master, recently gathered forever, have never ceased to prove it.