A stray dog ​​rescues a newborn baby thrown in the trash by his mother

This incredible story would come straight from Brazil where an infant , thrown to the garbage by her father, would have crossed the path of a heroic dog who, obviously, would not have hesitated a single second to save his life.

Rejected by his mother, it seems to have been born under a good star. And indeed, a newborn baby was found recently in a trash Campinas, a small town in Sao Paulo (Brazil). It is none other than the best friend of the man who would have left it, unfortunate witness of this sad event.

Indeed, shortly after giving birth to his baby, the woman would have thrown him to garbage under the eyes of the stray dog. The latter, like his Thai counterpart Piu, would have waited for her to leave the premises to recover the newborn, always having a part of its umbilical cord hanging, to place it on the doorstep of the house. The closest one

A noble and human gesture on the part of this adorable doggie who did not miss to be greeted on the social networks. And for good reason, if this story has already been around the Web, a Brazilian official would have even said that: "On the one hand, the community wants to condemn the mother who is capable of committing such atrocities against her own Blood without remorse and on the other hand, we must recognize that this stray dog ​​has shown more humanity and love than most humans. "

However, some now give a whole new version of the history...