A stray dog ​​goes into a bookstore, the rest of the story goes around the world (Video)

A buzz that will change everything

This is the story of a stray dog ​​living in Brazil. For a reason that everyone does not know, this brave dog with a sad look decided to settle on the campus of Feevale University .

A dog that makes the buzz

But the The story of this wandering doggie is far from stopping there. Once on the campus, he decided to get closer to the bookstore where he settled down. Last Friday, not content to hang around this bookstore, the dog entered to steal a book. And not just any book since has chosen the title "Days of Abandonment" . A title that falls right for an abandoned dog. Filmed by the surveillance camera, this dog (and his book) went around the world. But his story does not stop there.

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A new life

This week, after more than 700,000 views on the video, a animal rescue association has decided to take charge of this brave doggie. Taken to the vet, the dog was able to take a bath and receive several vaccines.But that's not all.

Now settled in a host family where he gets all the love he needs, the dog is now waiting to meet his family for life to begin a new chapter in his life. And that should not be long!

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