A stolen rabbit found trapped in a

Saturday morning, a strange surprise was waiting for the factor in one of the public mailboxes of the city of Maltby, England. Because in addition to the usual mail there was also a little rabbit, stuck inside and unable to get out of itself

Of the gratuitous malice

The RSPCA (the largest association of protection animal) has come to pick up the animal after being contacted by the postman, who had no idea what to do with it, or how to get it out of there safely. The association received a great deal number of adoption proposals for the rabbit in question, but the actual owners of the hairball were found and the animal was returned to them.

It is certainly impossible that the rabbit managed to climb into the mailbox of itself . In addition, his owners claim that he was stolen , while sleeping in his hutch. It is therefore a priori an act of gratuitous malevolence , whose author is unknown. "This is clearly a silly joke that could have endangered the rabbit," said a spokesman for the RSPCA

Ryan Booth

Found in time

Fortunately, the animal was not injured and was found in time by the postman. But this was the last round of the week for this one, so that by a few hours, the rabbit could have passed the whole weekend in the mailbox . Without water or food, there is no doubt that he could have suffered greatly or even died.

On the internet, the photo of the rabbit in the mailbox unleashed the crowds . The animal friends, indignant at this gesture, regret that its author is not found . The spokesman of the Royal Mail (the British Post), for his part, is relieved that the rabbit is alive and well.