A sniffer dog to watch his children

Thor is the name of the god of thunder in ancient mythology, and is the one Reiner Reuther chose to give to his dog. A doggie like no other, since it is the most first private sniffer dog from Germany.

Parents fearing that their child smokes cannabis in secret may for example appeal to the Malinois' flair, and to have the heart net! " He does not bark, he is a passive dog He raises his leg, that's all " says his master at Matin.ch .

The man was not destined to engage in such activity. He worked for 25 years in the gastronomy before completely changing his profession, he confided to the Swiss newspaper

A real business

" I always liked dogs and I had German shepherds as pet dogs all my life One day I heard that the business of the sniffer dog worked well in the US I thought, why not here, there is so much to do! He says,

Reiner Reuther flew to Texas, USA, to train as an anti-drug dog handler. makes his Belgian Shepherd, brought back from Texas, the first private dog sniffer from Germany.

Thor is able to detect all types of drugs , and his services are billed a hundred euros. Reiner's main customers are concerned parents for their children. The man claims that in 85% of cases, their doubts are confirmed. That's why he always has a list of help centers for people who are addicted to drugs.

" The market is huge! There is a lot of demand and I intend to develop my business very quickly. "enthuses those who take schools, boarding schools, or clubs . It also plans to offer its services to detention centers.