A sniffer dog delays the departure of 16 planes and is shot

This Friday morning, a sniffer dog was shot dead by the police at Auckland Airport (New Zealand). The reason ? He wandered for three hours on the tarmac and prevented the takeoff of 16 flights.

Today, Grizz is dead. The sniffer dog was killed by police at Auckland Airport, reports The New Zealand Herald . The animal was walking freely on the tarmac after escaping the vigilance of his master. A ride that blocked air traffic : 16 international and domestic flights were delayed

The animal ran the staff for three hours. The latter was trying to catch him because the pilots - for security reasons - refused to take off. "We tried everything: food, toys, other dogs, but nothing worked," said Mike Richards, AVSEC spokesman. For this reason, the animal was slaughtered . "All efforts to capture the dog were exhausted and the airport company had no choice but to ask the police to kill him," he tried to justify.

The dog's death unanimously decried

But this explanation has not passed. The Explosive Detective Dog worked with his master since May and was six months into graduation. An accumulation that has caused many people on social networks to be outraged by Grizz's death: "It makes me cry. How could they? " "I can not believe that the police killed a dog just so the thefts would not be delayed. It's complete rubbish !" ; "Prison closes for these killers" etc... can we read on Twitter by clicking on the hashtag #Grizz . The spokesperson for the SAFE animal welfare group, quoted by The Guardian

, said he was "dismayed and perplexed". For him, the authorities should have used a tranquilizer gun.