A little conversational session with Lil Bub, what do you think? (Video of the day)

Imagine... It's cold, rainy, windy. You come home after an exhausting day. You sit by the fireside and take the most adorable cats .

Then you just have to enjoy, its purring, its sweetness, its irresistible mell , from its soothing and comforting presence .
Failing to be able to do it in real life, Lil Bub and his human offer you their Christmas present a few days in advance: a video of 30 minutes to watch without moderation.

We see and hear the beloved cat of Internet users sleeping peacefully in the hollow of the tattooed arm of his human, letting out his little tongue as she knows so well, and making some terribly cute little noises.

A great moment of happiness in total!

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