A gunman attacks Vannes

At the beginning of the month, a baptized cat Pasha was killed in Vannes, in the district of the old clinics. A 4.5 mm diameter bullet passed through the aorta, and was fatal to him.

2 cats shot dead

A few days later, not far away, another tomcat was The target of a shooter, and this on 2 occasions... Fortunately Flocon was luckier than his congenere. The animal survived

It is Thursday that the master of the white cat has noticed " a round and uniform wound " on his hindquarters.

He immediately took him to the vet, who passed a radio to Flocon, and that is how he discovered that the cat had been shot twice, and at several days apart

" At the sight of his injury, he announced that our cat was was caught a lead, the latter crashed against his femur.I was far from imagining that.Also that our cat never moves away from our suburban area until then rather calm "tells Flocon's master at West-France

" The first time, luckily, the lead came out despite a tight shot at less than ten meters as determined by the veterinarian based on the slope of the injury. The second time, the lead was shot from the height of a window , he says.

A third injured cat?

Flocon had to be operated , and is recovering today This is a terrible act of cruelty.

Its owners intend to file a complaint with the Vannes police station, but as long as the shooter is not identified, anxiety will prevail among cat owners of the Brittany

" I do not want to lock up my cat, but maybe I'll have to do it because, no later than this morning, I saw another limp in the same way than Flocon. I could not approach him but I wonder about the nature of his injury... "reveals the master of Flocon.

The owners of Pacha, a cat adopted at the SPA last April, have also lodged a complaint. The animal welfare association will be a civil party if the drawer and the judge are found in court.

It should be noted that anyone who infringes life of an animal risk u does fine from 700 to 1500 euros .