A service dog refers to the assailant of a teenager in court

Victim of sexual abuse for four years, a teenager 15-year-old American had the support of a aid dog at a trial.

By pushing the tip of the muzzle with the girl's arm, the bitch allowed him to point to the person who raped her

Rosie's Mouth Hanging

During the trial that was aimed at a young girl victim of sexual violence refers to its attacker , Rosie , assistance dog , had to come to the aid of the victim.

"was preparing to give the name of the one who had abused her during all these years, the girl could not get any name out of his mouth... That's when Rosie intervened. She raised the victim's elbow with his snout to give him the momentum to point the attacker .

Hidden behind the witness stand, Rosie could not see who was on the dock

The man named was finally convicted and incurring up to 25 years of prison

Service dogs trained for the courts

Rosie , an 11-year-old Golden Retriever is not a dog like any other. " I noticed early that Rosie was really special ," says Dale Picard, the man who educated her. " She had the gift of calming children ," he explains

Dale Picard trains service dogs able to support children in court . Her organization has already trained 200 dogs currently working for the justice of more than 12 US states.

The Poughkeepsie court that was to receive the teenager's statement initially refused to welcome Rosie. Finally, Dale Picard's arguments finally convinced the court.

" I am convinced that if there is anything we can do to help a victim and that it is legal, we have the The ' ' obligation to do so has finally confessed Kristine Hawlk, the prosecutor's representative at the trial. " Rosie was totally discreet . She did exactly what was expected of her , "she continued.

It was the first time that a New York state court was doing to work a dog

A precious support

« The dog helps the person to change his state of mind, he helps him to open and speak , explains the l educator of Rosie. " Most of the time, children are traumatized by what they have experienced

," says a social worker close to the file. " Then they are put in a courtroom full of foreigners, they are questioned about painful events in front of their aggressor ...

, "she says. It is then easy to understand the apprehension of children and the difficulty of expressing it as a result. For six weeks, Rosie stayed with the little victim in a children's home. The social worker remembers that an immediate change has taken place in the girl. " I could physically see his anxiety diminish when he comes into contact with

," she says Now that Rosie has proven itself, the service dog educators hope that this practice will become widespread

in New York Rosie should soon support two little girls