A serial killer of cats rages in London: but who is it?

For many months, victims multiply.

A story that is cold in the back. For several months, a serial killer of cats rages in South London. There are already more than 400 victims who are directly connected to this killer nicknamed "Croydon Cat Ripper". Among these victims, we find mainly cats, but not only since rabbits and foxes are also in the list.

But how were these victims linked to a serial killer? Simply because they have exactly the same characteristics. And that is already two years that it lasts .

Extraordinary ways to find the killer in series of cats

Faced with the craze around this serial killer of cats, Scotland Yard has decided to open an investigation to track down and find this killer that could be dangerous for humans as much as it is with animals. The same goes for the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA) and - more exceptional - the National Crime Agency (NCA). In short, everyone is on the trail of this killer that thrills all pet owners.

Following these various investigations, a robot portrait of the culprit begins to emerge. It would be a white man in his forties who was about 1m80 tall and would probably have grown up in Croydon. This man is also very comfortable with animals because he manages to attract them before killing them.

It is to be hoped that this investigation, which has been going on since 2015, is finally resolved.

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