A second chance for 57 dogs raised for meat in Korea

A few days ago, 57 dogs left the farm in which they were raised in South Korea . Intended to be eaten, these animals were rescued by the Humane Society International and the Change for Animals Foundation, which reached an agreement with the breeder. In California, some of them have already found a family .

Dogs, puppies and adults, lived in terrible conditions. Heaped in cages, in the dark, cold and dirt, they were destined for dog meat markets.

The owner of the farm, as there are hundreds of others in South Korea where some 2 million dogs are killed each year to be eaten, has since promised to stop raising dogs - which he has been doing for more than 20 years - to turn to chili farming. A conversion he will make with the help of the Humane Society, determined to make him an example in the country.

The Humane Society, which is fighting to end the dog meat market in Korea as in China, Thailand or Vietnam, also tries to raise awareness by encouraging them to adopt crossed dogs, the first victims of this market.

> The rescue of 57 dogs in pictures:

Supported by In the San Francisco SPCA, the 57 dogs were examined and evaluated before being distributed in several Californian refuges. Some are not yet ready for family life , others have already joined their new home.

Hayden, a three-month-old Korean Jindo, was the first to be adopted. On the same day, four other Korean dogs left the refuges where they were placed in the arms of their new humans.

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