A search dog survives 14 days trapped in the wild

A search dog found himself trapped in a fence while chasing a rabbit . Despite the beats, the animal was found only 14 days later , still alive!

Jojo is a six-year-old Welsh Springer Spaniel female from Wales trained to assist research teams to find the bodies of victims

But like all dogs, Jojo has his weakness. When she saw this rabbit in her field of vision, near her home, she did not resist and started running after her, despite the supervision of her master.

" In principle, when she does that, she is home half an hour later "says her master. But there, the hours scroll and still no news of Jojo .

" Everybody was looking for him, day and night, but impossible to find " adds his master . He then imagined the worst; his dog dies slowly somewhere, trapped, or has been kidnapped

Found by a search dog!

Finally, 14 days after his disappearance, he is one of his companions , a hunting dog, who found the trace of Jojo the bitch!

The poor female was stuck in a barrier , and only her front legs touching the ground!

The holes in the grass around her show that she only fed on that for two weeks. To drink, she could count on the rainy weather of Wales...

When her master found her, her dog had only skin on the bones , but she was alive thanks to her fighting spirit

Today she is recovering quickly, she is on antibiotics, and her master is rewarding her with sardines and milk.

Because of the position in which she was stuck in the barrier, the dog will have to follow a few reeducation sessions hind legs

This bitch has a very high value, not only because her education costs more than 11 000 euros , but also because for a master, the life of a dog has no price !