A saved rabbit becomes the best friend of dogs!

Bob is a runaway rabbit! After running away from an animal shelter, he crossed the road to Lydia who decided to give him a new life... in good company!

When Lydia found Bob, she drove him to the vet and had him sterilized. She figured she would keep him for the rest of her time, then bring him back to the animal shelter from which he had escaped. But she did not expect this white rabbit to become a member of the family in its own right...

Very quickly, Lydia fell in love with this lagomorph with an extroverted personality. But one problem remained: Grace, his dog. To prevent her from making Bob her next meal, Lydia had to teach her, through positive reinforcement techniques , not to hurt her little protégé. By rewarding her for every good behavior, Lydia made Grace understand that Bob was not a dish, but a friend.

Bob the rabbit loves dogs

"Friends", that's exactly what have become over time Bob and Grace. The two animals sleep even against each other on the bed of their mistress. They became inseparable ! Of course, there is no longer any question for Lydia to bring the rabbit back to the shelter.

Jake, the dog of a client of Lydia, also very often joins this fine team. He has almost become a member, so much so that Grace is sometimes jealous of Bob's attention! A adorable family as we like so much to see...

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