A runaway cat found... on a TV set

Seeing a cat cross the set of a political debate show is surprising. But seeing your own cat cross the set of a political show is downright unimaginable.

But that's what happened to Jackie Ellery. This Brit looked at the issue Question Time, but without much attention. Yet, during the recording, we can clearly see Tango, his caramel-colored runaway cat, coming out of the table without the animators even noticing.

Luckily, a friend of Jackie who was also watching show recognized Tango the mischievous cat. On the phone she tells Jackie that Tango is walking on the TV set.

Not believing her eyes, she rewinds and finds that it is her cat who is there, before his eyes.

In reality , the show's TV rooms are close to Jackie's house and that's why her cat was able to sneak through the back door. It is also thanks to this that she was able to recover Tango, that the staff of the set has fired after his few seconds of celebrity!