A retiree caught cats and then drowned

A resident of Lavaur, in the Tarn, hated cats so much that he got rid of the most cruel ways.

Some people do not support cats, and this is the case of this retiree. No longer able to see cats in his property, this octogenarian has installed traps to capture them. In the manner of a rat trap, the cats were attracted inside a cage which was then closed on them.

The man - who would be a former hunter - could have decided to bring the felines to a shelter, a veterinarian, or bring them back to their owners. But no, he preferred to kill them... by drowning .

It was a local resident who gave the alert, allowing to open a survey . The 30 Million Friends Foundation has lodged a complaint for acts of cruelty and serious bodily harm against a pet, and has taken legal action.

In an interview given to La Dépêche , the The man of 84 vaguely tried to give an explanation to his gesture, admitting however not to understand its gravity: "I had [cats] a long time ago, but they like me well. days, I was at a friend's house, her pussy came rubbing against my leg (...) I do not really understand what's happening to me, I'm told that we're talking about myself on social networks. worried, I did not have an easy life. " And to promise he will not kill cats anymore: "I'm too old and if it's going to get me into so much trouble... It's over, I'm putting away the cages."

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