A restorer tried for torturing a cat

Suspected of cruelty to cats , a restaurateur of Brissac-Qiuncé, in the Maine-et-Loire, will have to answer for his actions in the court of Angers

He tortures cats, and boasts

Affirming not to support stray cats around his establishment, this man, owner of the castle's pizzeria, boasted of torturing them in front of some of his employees.

Words confirmed by the sad discovery made by employees, who in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, reports Ouest-France , found in the courtyard of the restaurant a cat locked in a cage .

One of his victims euthanized

Seriously wounded, the poor animal was sprinkled with a product to unclog the pipes , confessed the restorer.

The cat was led to the SPA by employees of the pizzeria, who also contacted the gendarmerie.

Unfortunately, the cat had to be euthanized... And two of the employees who denounced their boss would have been dismissed immediately.

The man at risk two years in prison for the torture he inflicted on the unfortunate feline. He will appear in court on January 14.

Pending the judgment, a call for a boycott of the pizzeria has been launched, and an online petition has been published. It has so far collected nearly 300 signatures.