A refrigerator to cool your dog

This is an effective solution (or not) for your dog does not turn into a hot dog during the summer. A Japanese company has created a private refrigerator to keep your dog cool

To avoid heat stroke

This is a scoop for anyone if you are told that the heat is hard to bear for most dogs. In summer, if you are hot, imagine what it is for your hairy. There are many solutions to avoid heat stroke : sprinkle it with water, give it a cooling mat, run the fan all the way, put the air conditioning at full speed... Or put it in a refrigerator

Of course, these refrigerators have nothing to do with our faithful larder. You will not put in your cheese or the remains of your dinner. On the other hand, you can put your sausage there, finally only if it is a sausage on all fours.

A double-function

This device measures 43 X 43 X 47 cm. A small space, therefore, whose temperature can be regulated between 10 and 40 ° C. In winter, it can also be used as heating

The refrigerator exists in several colors , ranging from beige to pastel blue to pink. To get this machine, it will cost you about 385 euros. Would you be willing to spend that money to give your beloved dog a refrigerator?