A first birthday crowned for the cat hotel Aristide

A year ago, we visited in preview this establishment of a new genre, at least in France. The rooms of the cats, collective for the most sociable and individual for the lone wolves, were ready but still empty of the presence of those who did not take long to invest and adopt the places .

The Aristide hotel, located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, has just celebrated its first birthday and just look at the cats perched above our heads or frolicking in the playroom to make sure the bet is more than successful

Already regulars

Alongside Nastassja, Pauline, Mathilde and Marie, Gauthier, the father of Aristide the urban feline and Aristide the hotel for urban felines , has seduced cats as much as their humans. Many of his 4-legged clients are already regulars . Among them, Carlos, who with his 9 stays in one year was awarded the honorary title of "most loyal guest" of the hotel.

Opal (left) and Dracula, Lily and Miya (to right) - © instagram - aristidehotel

Entrusted to this passionate team because their humans are on vacation, on a business trip or in the middle of a move, for a day, a week or a month, the cats take a nap in their cozy rooms, observe and gauge each other from the top of their perches, wander, play and get acquainted under high surveillance

Arrow (left) and Ito and Douglas (right) - © instagram - aristidehotel

Some have become friends . For others, it is rather the Cold War and the dedicated staff of the hotel, always very caring for felines , makes sure that they do not cross.

A year ago, we discovered a hotel that made us want to be a cat. Today ? We would always be as well a feline pampered at Aristide.

Gauthier poses proudly in front of his hotel while the adorable Inna trains to make grimaces - © instagram - aristidehotel

Aristide in figures