A puppy unscathed from a 20km journey in the engine of a car

Betty Boop is a particularly lucky puppy: stuck in the engine of a car , he survived a journey of more than 20 kilometers, without a scratch

At three months old the little Jack Russel living in Salford, northwest of Manchester in England, had escaped from the garden of his master, Gary James. After having gone to a neighbor's house, the puppy would have climbed under the hood of a car and found himself trapped by the engine and its hoses.
The owner of the vehicle did not realize the presence Betty Boop after a round trip of almost 20 kilometers , hearing strange yapping from the engine

More fear than harm

J I thought it came from the garden, then I put my ear on the hood "he says

After opening it, he quickly sees the puppy and warns the owner of the animal, who had been looking for him in the neighborhood for a while.
Once Betty Boop was released, the two men found with surprise, and relief, that the animal had not the slightest injury .

" When I saw her there, I thought she must be hurt or badly burned, but she was well ". More fear than harm for the little dog and his master so.