A puppy rescued from drowning in San Francisco Bay

Those trying to cross the icy waters of San Francisco Bay in the United States are usually escapees from Alcatraz Prison trying to run away, or else athletes with very strong physical condition. On the other hand,

are rare. While windsurfers were surfing the bay on Monday, they saw a dog on their own. who was struggling to keep his head out of the water

, only a few meters away from them. They immediately approached to help him, before warning the Coast Guard.

The dog was cold and disoriented That's when Adam Cohen, a 55-year-old man Crossing the bay to go from San Francisco to Berkeley by motor boat, he saw the group of windsurfers. Thinking that they had a problem, he went to join them, and then saw the puppy in shock

. Without further ado, Adam Cohen put the poor animal in his boat and took him home. Once at home, he and his wife dried him and wrapped him in blankets. It took only a few hours for the miraculous dog

to recover from his emotions. What was he doing alone on the high seas? Was he lost? Was it deliberately thrown into the water? Nobody knows. The animal is not chipped, but the vet where he was driven thinks it belongs to someone because of the collar he was wearing. The Cohen couple waits to find the owner