A puppy defended by its owners during their fight

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a marital dispute had a fatal outcome for a young dog: rabid, his masters would have thrown through the window of their apartment in Pau. A cruel gesture that seems to have killed the animal on the spot

The couple does not recognize the facts but pleads against the accident. "I wanted to photograph my girlfriend with the dog in his arms, he escaped and went through the balcony," said the man to the association Animal Cross . However, a dispute broke out in the night of November 30 to 1 December, told the latter on its Facebook page . Also, based on the testimonies of the neighborhood, his representatives decided to file a complaint "for violence on animals resulting in death " and asked the prosecutor for the immediate withdrawal of the second dog in danger of death."

A couple known for its disputes

The household, describing itself as "lacking means" , had recently adopted two young Patou. Unfortunately, one of them did not survive long, as one neighbor said she heard the woman count to three before she heard something crashing to the ground.

"She has already thrown things on the street several times like a cell phone, "explained another. Moreover, the police had already intervened on the spot for "night-time" concerns and the custody of two of their children had already been withdrawn .

An investigation is in progress

" At this stage of the investigation, there is nothing to determine whether the dog's fall is due to an intentional act, which would be a criminal offense, or an accident, "said the duty counsel cited by South West . "As long as there is no criminal offense, we can not order the placement of an animal, it's like a child," she said.

For the moment, the couple incurs a contravention or a summons before the court.

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