A puppy chooses a kitten from a shelter... and becomes his best friend!

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Raven's mistress wanted him to grow up with another animal. And she allowed him to choose it... Most people do not ask for the advice of their pet when considering a new one. And if conscientious masters take into account the character of their first hairball before adopting a second, most end up choosing it themselves, according to their own desires. But... that's not the case with Christina! The latter had always dreamed of " seeing a cat and a dog grow together


Raven and Woodhouse - © INSTAGRAM / RAVEN_AND_WOODHOUSE One month after Raven's arrival, a Husky Tamaskan, in her life, Christina went to a shelter to find a mate. And it was Raven himself who chose the one who would become his best friend. " I wanted them to be able to get along well in the long term ," she told The Dodo

Raven protects Woodhouse - © INSTAGRAM / RAVEN_AND_WOODHOUSE

At the shelter, Christina presented four kittens to Raven. One of them stood out. It was Woodhouse and he was the chosen member of Raven's heart. Since then, kitten and puppy are the best friends of the world . They play, eat and sleep together. And all their adventures are on their account Instagram

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