A puppy and a wolf fight over a teddy bear. Who will win? (Video of the day)

Hold you ready to literally melt in front of your screen? How could it be otherwise with a show as cute as this puppy and his boyfriend the pup?
Here is Nikai, a little wolf only 9 weeks old, and Faye, a female Border Collie 13 weeks. Nikai has just joined the South Salem Wolf Conservation Center in New York. And to help him gain confidence and socialize, the team at the center decided to introduce him to little Faye.

The bitch is not yet three months old, but she already has a character well stated ! Very energetic and intelligent, she is not the type to be impressed by a Cub! She likes to keep the hand, or rather the paw, on all the toys. So when his friend Nikai tries to grab a blanket, Faye will not let it go.

Who will the puppy or the wolf win? The suspense is at its peak!

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