A police officer plunges to help a dog trapped in a submerged car

The police officers know how to show a great courage, especially when lives are at stake. And not just human lives , as was recently proven by the rescue of a dog trapped in the mud.

More recently, Officer David Harriman who stood out for his grandfather to one of our four-legged friends. He answered the cry for help from a 59-year-old lady living in Massachusetts, victim of a car accident . Because if she had managed to escape, it was not the case of one of his dogs.

Help the dog without any hesitation

The American with the accident vehicle was driving a van which was precipitated in a body of water . The 50-year-old managed to get away safely, and one of the dogs swam to the surface on his own. Unfortunately the second was still trapped inside !

Officer Harriman, true animal lover , did not hesitate a second to make his decision. He removed his belt with some of his heavy equipment, and plunged into the water to pick up the last dog. He later told how difficult it was because of the opaqueness of the water, which prevented him from seeing his own hands.

Shocked, but safe and sound

The dog had been trapped underwater for some time already and the officer had to hurry to find him and bring him to the surface. Fortunately, after he managed to open a door of the van, he finally managed to get his hands on the small animal. He did not move , but once out of the water, he regained consciousness and was able to breathe again.

Delighted to find land and his mistress, the dog was happily safe and sound. A chance he would not have had without the courage of this police officer. "It's a bit like a family member for most people," David Harriman simply testified. "I have an 8-month-old English Bulldog named Jax now... I'll do everything I can for him ."