A policeman makes the most beautiful gifts to a wandering kitten

On Father's Day, a police patrol finds a frightened little kitten in the streets of Lakeland, Florida. A meeting that will change the life of the animal.

In the streets of Lakeland, Florida, a adorable little kitten was seen by a police officer while attempting to hide. Moved by this pretty (and unexpected) meeting, the policeman decides to rescue the little ball of hair by placing it in a box to take it to the police station rather than to let it spend the night alone in the street.

A heart stroke

Once at the post, the cat completely cracked Sergeant Wallace who decided to take the kitten with him while he was on duty. Immediately, the kitten takes his role of assistant very seriously and does not want to leave his new friend.

It is then without any real surprise that the sergeant decided to adopt the adorable ball of who had spent the whole evening purring and sleeping in his arms. This fathers day 2017 has been the scene of a great story in Florida.

Because this beautiful story was really too cute , Lakeland police decided to share it on his Facebook account !


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