A police dog, shot at the arrest of a criminal

Casper, a police dog from unit K9, was shot by bullet during an exchange of fire between the authorities and an actively wanted criminal.

In Jupiter, Florida, the authorities went after a certain Philip O'Shea, an actively wanted criminal in North Carolina . While in flight , the man opened fire on the police, wounding the dog Casper, hit while it was his master who was targeted. Philip O'Shea was shot dead by law enforcement officers

Injured, but alive

Fortunately, the dog was immediately taken to the vet and operated on in an emergency. The ball, lodged at the level of his left hip, could be extracted. Now, under antibiotics, he is slowly recovering from his injury, and his days are not in danger, as evidenced by this video:

K9 Casper Returns Home

Casper is trained to detect explosives. He works as a patrol dog and according to his record, he even protected the president in person at a time! He narrowly escaped the tragic fate of Diesel, the RAID dog shot dead during the Paris attacks.

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