A police dog killed this morning during the assault on Saint-Denis

This morning, the forces of the order stormed an apartment in Saint-Denis where were hiding kamikazes related to the attacks of November 13 in Paris.
During this perilous operation, five members of the forces of the order would have been wounded, and a police dog was killed . The animal was brought into the apartment around 5 am to measure the threat. He was killed when he entered the apartment

"Assault dogs are essential"

On Twitter, with the #jesuischien hasthtag, many people pay tribute to this dog of the Raid, a Malinois, sent at the beginning of the assault Some hope that he will be posthumously decorated for his sacrifice and that he will be given " a beautiful burial ".

Similarly, a petition is currently circulating asking this that the bitch be decorated with the National Defense Medal by the competent authorities, as had been in 2013 Daxx, a gendarmerie dog that had found very large quantities of drugs.

The national police confirmed the news on Twitter, and said that the bitch aged 7 was called Diesel. And to affirm that " assault dogs and search for explosives are essential in the missions of the operators of the Raid.

Like all the police mobilized since Friday evening, this dog is considered a hero by the animal friends .

Here is a tribute video to Diesel: