A poisoner attacks the dogs of Carcassonne

This summer 2012 will remain sadly engraved in the memory of a family of the hamlet of Montlegun (Carcassonne), whose 3 dogs were victims of antifreeze poisoning

2 dogs succumbed in a few days

Fifi, a crossed Bulldog and Chihuahua only 2 years old, was the first victim this ethylene glycol intoxication, a chemical compound that at room temperature is in a liquid form. Colorless and odorless, its sweet taste can be very attractive to animals. Dampened in a food, a few milliliters are enough to kill...

The young dog, hitherto in perfect health, presented the first symptoms of poisoning on July 18th, reports the La Dépêche website. " We took her to the vet who diagnosed an infection of the stomach and operated on it, or rather" open, "to find that it was not, and a few hours later she was convulsed, was taken to a vet on duty at about 10 pm and found that her kidneys were no longer functioning, she died very quickly and the hypothesis of a reaction to anesthesia was chosen "tells Michèle, one of the dog's mistresses.

The animal died very quickly , soon followed by his companion Cookie ... Loss of balance and urinary losses: the bitch, a cross, developed exactly the same syndromes. The vet detected a malfunction of his kidneys, and last Sunday, Cookie succumbed.

The hypothesis of poisoning quickly confirmed

And now a few days later, the third dog of the family , Gypsy , has in turn seen his health deteriorate. How to doubt then the hypothesis of poisoning?

Analyzes were carried out on a kidney of the bitch Cookie to verify it. And traces of antifreeze have been found . Bad news for Gypsie. If the 10-month-old animal will probably survive this intoxication, it will forever keep the sequelae ... Its kidneys " are destroyed every day " and it does not ceases to lose weight.

The police opened an investigation while a complaint was filed with the judicial authorities. But for the time being, no suspect has been apprehended . Montlegun's family says that they have never had any problems with their neighbors, and they do not know who was able to do so badly for their dogs, and why.

Other victims?

On the other hand since the revelation of this sad case in the regional press, testimonies have flocked. Other people could be victims of the same poisoner . Two residents of Palaja, a nearby town, claim to have seen their dogs die under the same circumstances a few weeks ago.

Of course, all dog owners in the region are worried about their animals today. and redouble vigilance...