A kitten champion ping-pong (Video of the day)

Our dear and tender 4-legged companions will never tire of surprising us by revealing their incredible talents. Like this adorable tomcat, a very young red cat , who excels in a very particular sport: ping pong.

Number of humans would like to play as well as this ball of hair, which leaves pass no balls, and connect the points with impressive ease. The feline even allows himself some acrobatic figures, clinging to the net! Great art!
The lucky owner of this little cat found an opponent of size with whom to train. But he is not the only one to have by his side a little cat champion of table tennis.
A few months ago, another tomcat impressed us already while going up to the net, and running from right to left to miss no balls (see the video)!

And your animals, what incredible talents do they have?

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