A niche design for a good dog life!

This week, Stéphane, dog lover, design enthusiast and author of the blog Boxdog , has set his sights on a niche really not like the other!

"The Dog House" is the ideal home for a good dog life

Ergonomic and functional with its small staircase leading to the door but also very attractive , it will appeal to all design lovers.

Sitting on two stainless steel legs allowing indoor and outdoor use , it is made of hollow polyethylene to be filled with sand or water to weigh it down.

It's the designer Michael Young who got the idea, a dog lover who imagined it for the publisher Magis

A small and well thought out detail: a brass plaque is fixed above the entrance with the Latin mention " Amicus Fidelis Protectio
" which means e: " faithful friend strong protection "
Available at Made in Design

The Dog House niche will find its place outside as well as inside

Above from the entrance, the inscription "Amicus Fidelis Protectio Fortis "

Stéphane Goisset Blogger