A naked dog dances, and becomes a star! (Video)

A funny little dog without hair makes the buzz on the canvas. It must be said that this dog lacks neither energy nor personality. Can not forget Nathan after seeing him dance!

At the age of 8, the Chinese crested dog has the rhythm the skin, failing to have it in the hair! Standing on a chair, in the home of the host family who became his family for life, he makes his show, and seems to be extremely proud of his exploits. Maybe he already knows he's about to become a new canine star on the web!

Long live the naked dogs!

But Nathan has not always been such a happy doggie. The poor animal lived in 6 different families, and was abandoned so many times before being adopted by Tina. It is thanks to her that he came out of his shell to become the real teaser he is today.

The video was put online by the Bald is Beautiful (The bald ones are beautiful) on his page Facebook , and did not wait to go around the web! Nathan was even entitled to his fifteen minutes of glory during the famous talk show Ellen DeGeneres. Dedication!

The Bald is Beautiful organization exclusively gathers naked dogs like Nathan, and tries to find them a new family. Things that are not always easy, dogs with no hair not being the most popular , neither in the United States, nor elsewhere.

No doubt this video will help Bald is Beautiful to promote the adoption of his little protégés. At least all the trouble we wish for these funny dogs, known for their agility and intelligence.