A nail in the head, the cat survives

A young calico cat was found with a nail more than 7 cm in the head , in Iowa, in the United States. It appears that this wound was inflicted with a nail gun ! What kind of person can inflict such torture on a young cat?

The cat, nicknamed "Grace", however, moved and fed normally. His injury, very spectacular , the nail passing right through the skull of the animal, apparently did not cause any damage.

Grace has since been operated, the nail has been removed without problem, and the little cat is doing very well.

The authorities have still not found the owner of the animal. Research also continues to find the author of this act of barbarism . A call for witnesses will be launched, and a $

reward will be offered by the Humane Society to anyone assisting in his / her arrest. Let's hope that the person in charge will be found quickly. Grace should soon be completely surrendered and can then be adopted