A must see! A kitten's life, the docu following hairballs during their first year

This Wednesday, July 19th, on France 5, you will be able to slip in the skin of a kitten to follow its hectic evolution during a year.

What's going on in the kittens' heads? How do they perceive and apprehend our world, our lifestyles, our environment? Many of you are asking yourself these questions and the Kitten Story will finally give you some answers. Broadcast on France 5 tonight

, this indie documentary directed by Jackie Garbutt will allow you to follow the evolution over one year of 3 litters. From their birth to their first steps, their quarter time of madness when they arrive in their new home, passing by their stumbles, their fears and the development of their hunter's instinct, until their first birthday, the passage of adulthood, you will see the world through the curious little eyes of these adorable hairballs and live an incredible adventure

! In an apartment or on a farm, some will stay with their families, with their brothers and sisters but others will follow a very different course, like Sassy

, who grew up in a shelter and will have to get used to human contact and to Foxy, the dog of his masters. For everyone, every day will be a wonderful discovery that you will be able to live with them. We warn you, you will not be able to win!

A Kitten's Life, Wednesday, July 19, 20:50 on France 5 (replay Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 17:40)