A musician raises 200,000 euros to purr our cats!

Earlier this year, researchers from the University of Wisconsin, USA, unveiled their first songs composed for delicate ears cats with the help of composer and musician David Teie. A few months later, these same scientists managed to raise some 215 000 dollars, or 200 000 euros. A sum ten times greater than the one they hoped to gather and which will allow them to compose a whole album of music for cats.

The end of the crowdfunding campaign is set for 28 November, but the release of the album is already assured. It is scheduled for the end of the year or the beginning of 2016.
" The musical sense of humans is formed in the womb and we develop an understanding of rhythm through the pulsations of our mother explains David Teie in the video he posted on Kickstarter. " But cats develop theirs after birth through the sounds that surround them, such as the song of birds, the sucking of milk or the purring of their mother .

These sounds have been combined with natural feline vocalizations adapted to the frequency ranges perceived by cats.

It is the success of their first pieces of music for cats, unveiled to the public in February after having conquered forty cats " testers ", that the musician embarked on this project. " We've incorporated tempos that we thought were interesting for cats - the tempo of purring in one song and the tempo of breastfeeding in another - and, since cats use a lot of slippery frequencies in their calls, the music for cat contains many more slippery notes than human music "explained Charles Snowdon, one of the researchers involved in the composition of

David Teie and the researchers with whom he composed these pieces, strongly suggest cat owners in listen to this music with their felines, to enrich their lives, but also create a new link .