A musher accused of assaulting his sled dogs (Video)

The video is debated: we see Claudio de Ferrari, a Italian musher vigorously shake several of his sled dogs that seem exhausted.

The team was in the middle of the European Sled Dog Championship between February 24th and 26th in Switzerland

The musher , exhausted by the tiredness of his dogs , starts shouting and then lifting and pulling on the harness of several of his animals, showing brutality

The video quickly circulated among insiders and Animal Protection Forums , angering thousands of people. A petition (German) seeking sanctions against the musher has already collected more than 11 000 signatures .

The SSM (Swiss Society of Mushers) strongly condemned the behavior of Claudio de Ferrari, as reported on the website 20 minutes . Roger Schnyder, the President, states inter alia: " It is unfortunate and it makes me angry that such an incident would bring the sport to light in a negative way.

The European Association of WSA (World Sleddog Association), meanwhile, suspended the musher until its next general meeting.

Does the musher have another version?

Claudio de Ferrari does not has not spoken publicly, however, journalists from the German site 20 minuten think they have found the trace of the musher in the comments of the video posted on Youtube .

S ' it is about him, he says that his dogs stopped because of stress and not because of fatigue. He implicates the race staff who reportedly had his dogs stopped by giving them when they had already drunk earlier.

He adds that a tired dog has reflex of eat snow , which is not the case of his Huskies. According to him, his animals have taken the habit of feigning fatigue not to resume the race.

He contradicts the hateful comments by retorting that a person who does not know this sport can not judge on simple images.

Certainly, a musher must develop a special relationship with his dogs to win , but the attitude of Claudio de Ferrari, is certainly not that of a loving and caring master !

Nervousness of a man who wants to win or real mistreatment?