A motorist risks his life to save a kitten (Video of the day)

Fallen from a moving vehicle on a Russian road Earlier this month, a little cat nearly died. But that was not counting on the heroic intervention of a good Samaritan...

It's a miracle. A video recording of a highway in Kaliningrad (Russia) has indeed recently captured a terrifying moment: a young feline has fallen from a car... curling up too many times.

Sensitive to his fate, a However, he did not hesitate to put his own life in danger to save that of the small animal. It is quite natural that he stopped in the middle of the path to retrieve the kitten and secure it.

The good Samaritan? A forty-year-old baptized Denis Degtyarev. Not content to save his life, he also allowed the young cat to find a home... well away from this highway, reported the DailyMail .

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