A missing 4 year old child found by a dog hero!

From Tuesday to Wednesday, July 4, in the city of Prescott (Arizona, USA), the Meyer family certainly lived the most distressing moments of his life . The youngest of their children, Scott , a child aged 4 years and a half , autistic , was missing .

After warning the helpers, it was almost 500 volunteers who mobilized to find the child. And yet, despite this great human mobilization, it was Autumn , dog who found the little disappeared.

A disturbing disappearance, a major mobilization

Firefighters, police, Helicopter, volunteers, neighbors, everyone started looking for the baby for more than 19 hours under hot sun

Some researchers, overwhelmed by the heat and desperate to not to find him, were taken by ambulance to the hospital, exhausted.

But the parents of the little one, Barbara and Richard Meyer , did not lose hope: " We keep hope. We think he's close. He is probably scared and we will continue to pray for him

A dog finds the child safe and sound

Wednesday at 8am, Jason Moser patrolled with his dog named Autumn , a Golden Retriever of eight years, when the latter froze and began to run, his master on his heels. When he came to a tree, Jason heard moans, " I heard moans and then tears. I saw the bare skin and the layer of a child ". Jason rushed to the kid who looked safe and sound: " He was dirty, tired and the first thing he caught was my bottle of water. [...] When I saw him, I think I cried more than him .

The little one was immediately transferred to the hospital. Apart from sunstrokes and many mosquito bites, the kid was fine . The child was then brought back to his family who received him with tears of joy.

Autumn, a hero dog with flair!

Many thanks to Autumn , hero dog, long congratulated and thanked for this rescue . Of a golden character like the color of his hair, Autumn deserves, like his masters, a well deserved rest after this long search under a crushing sun.

According to Jason Moser, master of golden retriever , Autumn will receive a chunk of steak for dinner, in addition to all the usual love and generosity that its masters give it.

A very scary story, but in the happy ending, thanks to Autumn, a dog hero !